As I was reading Nixon watches reviews, I encountered a post from a person complaining of fake Nixon watches. Though Nixon watches are not as popular as Seiko, Omega, and Rolex watches, there are companies who have come up with selling Nixon replica watches. If you do not want to be fooled by these fake watches, continue reading the article below. I will share some tips on how you can differentiate a fake Nixon watch from an authentic one.


Fake Nixon Watches Have Some Noticeable Differences From Authentic Ones

According to the post of the person who complained about the faux Nixon watches, she found the site that sells those fakes. It says that they try to match up with the quality and create exact replicas of Nixon watches, so that no one would notice that you are wearing a fake. However, the fake watches still have a few differences compared to the authentic ones. You can check it by comparing it with original Nixon watches found at their website. You will see that the design of the straps are not exactly alike, nor the font of the word “Nixon”. Be more critical in comparing these watches; check every small detail to know which is real.

Fakes Are Way Cheaper Than The Original Nixon Watches

I once encountered a Nixon watch sold at a very, very low price. I wondered if it is on sale or an old model, but I was surprised that it is 51-30 Chrono Leather Watch – a new and popular model of Nixon watch. I checked and other sites to check how much it cost. The private seller sells it for only $160, but it actually costs $225 to $400! From then on, I started to doubt Nixon watches sold at a very low price. Unless it is on sale, I do not just grab one. Even if you are low on budget, do not immediately settle for low-priced Nixon watches; check first if they are authentic or else, you would be fooled by tricksters.


Fake Nixon Watches Are Often Sold Without Boxes And Manual

I bought a Nixon watch last year, and I received it in a box. A manual is also included in the package. However, a fake Nixon watch is just sold as it is – no box and no manual. By just that, you will know if what you’ve purchased is a fake or not. But still, you have to be more careful as some fakes are sold with box and manual for an additional $25. Yes, I saw that in a review that reveals about fake watches. Again, check all aspects to avoid problems.


To Assure That You Are Buying An Authentic Nixon Watch, Buy From Authorized Dealers Only

Nixon-TimeTeller-P-categoryI am not saying that you must avoid private sellers, as there are a lot of great deals at Amazon and E-bay too. However, if you really wish to have an authentic Nixon watch just buy from authorized dealers only. You will know who authorized dealers are by visiting the website of Nixon watches. They do not sell fake Nixon watches, and though they sell some at low prices, these are surely real but only discounted.

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