There are a lot of different Nixon watches for women to choose from if you are on the lookout for one. Buyers are more or less spoiled for choice when it comes to getting a woman a good Nixon watch. The real problem comes when you’re going through all the different models to see which is best.

I cannot really give any sort of real solid recommendation. Each person is different and a difference in taste means that one watch might be great for one person but mediocre for another. I will however, give tips that can help you buy the right watch.

Nixon Watches For Women Who Treat Them As Fashion Accessories

Nixon produces a lot of different kinds of watches. Some of the watches that they produce resemble bracelets rather than actual timepieces. Looking at them is sort of like looking at a piece of jewelry that has a small clock attached to it.

This sort of watch is the kind that would appeal to women who prefer to wear their watch as a fashion statement. Examples of the kinds of watch that I’m talking about are the Cougar and the Vega. Both exude a certain sense of style that women would appreciate.

While far from being a platinum Patek Philippe with lots of diamonds, some Nixon watches also comes with inlaid diamonds.

On a final note, some Nixon watches come in a large number of different colors. If you’re going to get someone a watch, then make sure you get it right. Women can throw fits if you get it wrong, trust me I know.

Going Digital Or Analog

Choosing between a watch that has a digital face over an analog face really depends on preference. I for one have never given my wife a digital watch for fear that she might think me cheap. I have never even asked for fear of what she might say.

Anyway, if you want to get a digital watch then Nixon has a lot to offer. In fact, the only models to not have a digital equivalent are the models that are painted with fancy colors that are supposed to represent Nixon’s luxury models.

Nixon Watches For Women Who Love To Surf

Nixon is unique as a watch making company because as far as I know they’re the only ones that have a function that allows users to keep track of the tides. This makes it a marvelous gift for women who like to surf.

One digital model in particular, forgive me for I forgot the name, is capable of informing the user of tide levels from over 200 beaches across the globe.

Weird But Very Unique Watches

nixon2000511739_q1_1-0_336x596If you want to give a woman a unique watch then Nixon has two models that I think you might find interesting. The Rubber Murf is a model that was made to look retro. I don’t know about the retro thing, but let me tell you that this watch is a looker.

The face is quite unique. The face’s shape is square and half of it is covered with the lower half displaying the current time. Instead of having two hands, it has one which is still. Rather than using moving hands, the dials on which the numbers can be located is moving instead.

The Newton is basically a watch with a square face minus the hands and numbers. It is instead replaced by a rotating disk display. This is one of the more minimal Nixon watches for women but definitely one of the most unique.

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I write review articles in several blogs and work a lot with electronics engineering appliations. I have several years of experience as a research engineer and enjoy blogging in my spare time.

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