Nixon watches started their company by specializing in accessories that targeted the youth market. I still remember during the latter half of the 1990’s when Nixon sold watches that catered to people who were into extreme sports. People who liked fashion, surfing and skating were the kinds of people that Nixon reached out to.

If you are interested in getting a Nixon watch then don’t worry about your choices being limited to watches aimed for the kids. Nixon has more or less outgrown its old self and has begun manufacturing watches that appeal to an older and more mature demographic.

Nixon Watches For Men

Nixon has a large collection of watches for men. They have models that are more suitable for men whose tastes have developed as they got older, while there are other watches that would appeal to a much younger audience.

I would describe Nixon’s watch as somewhere between a Rolex and a Swatch. I mean, their watches give off this sense that the person wearing it has a mature sense of taste but hasn’t gone so far to buy something as expensive as a Rolex or Patek Philippe. Nixon’s are like the everyman’s watch in that it looks good, has superb quality, but still gives off a statement of practicality.

Quirky Models For Men With Quirky Attitudes

Some guys just can’t let go of their inner child, I know that from personal experience. And for that, Nixon becomes an excellent choice.

They have watches that come in bright colors. Some watches are made entirely out of rubber. The nice thing that I like about Nixon’s watches is that some of them don’t take themselves too seriously.

Wearing a Nixon feels like I’m wearing what would be an adult equivalent to something like a G-shock or Casio’s digital watches. Some digital watches even incorporate cool features.

One of their models is a digital watch that has a built in meter on the face that informs the wearer of the tide. I love this watch because it can tell me of the conditions of around 200 beaches all over the world.

Nixon Watches For Women

There are some watches that are the same for both men and women. However, there are models that are exclusively for women, much in the same way that some models are just for men.

My overall description for most of the women’s watches made by Nixon is that they really look fashionable. I’m no expert or anything; I mean the only thing I know about fashion is famous brands like Channel, Dolce & Gabbana or whatever. Nixon’s watches are by no means rivals to these well established brands. However, some of the women’s watches still give off this certain chic appeal that I’m pretty sure most women would appreciate.

Best Place To Go Window Shopping

63100A197_000_lg_v1_m56577569832819714There are plenty of places where you can find watches from Nixon. I believe that the best place to look for Nixon’s watches is on their own website. The reason I like going on their website is that this way, I can be sure that I have the most updated list of available Nixon watches.

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